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It seems that Safari iOS's latest "helpful" behavior, sliding the tabs and favorites bar out of sight, is changig the window size and so invoking reflow. Which moved what I was reading off the bottom of the screen. Scrolling down to find it again re-opened the tabs and favorites, changed the window size back, invoked reflow, and moved my reading point out of view above the window. Scrolling back up again - well, I'm sure you get the picture. Part of the magnitude of the issue was moving the page header (big green panel) from the top to the side and back again, also when the header was on the side the text font was larger.

Haven't fired up any iOS devices in a while so I'm not sure but does iOS Safari have a "view in desktop mode" button anywhere? I mostly use Android on phones/tablets but I occasionally run into similar issues on some sites (various wikis come to mind) and reflowing/horizontal scrolling screws things up on the mobile Chrome and Firefox.

Typically for those sites I hit the "desktop mode" button which I believe just changes the user agent string so that it shows everything without any mobile "optimization". It makes for a bit of zooming and panning if you're in portrait mode but beats having most of the screen cut off or whatnot.

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