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All I am saying is this might explain many things in my behavior my friends/partners never understood (sometimes even I did not).

I lose interest too quickly in various things like readings books, playing games, following conversations. Even when writing, after a sense or two, I get bored in what I want to say. The only thing (so far) that interests me is my job.

I share your concerns that nowadays doctors tend just to prescribe drugs, that only treat the symptoms. All seek for a medical advice - i.e. get diagnosed. From there on I think the best I can do is be aware of the problem and try to except more control/will over the things that make sense.

Psychologists won't just try to get you on drugs. There are plenty of coping strategies and just understanding what's going on. Self diagnosis is rife with errors. I had plenty of ADD symptoms and it looked like a fine match. Others agreed. But after seeing a decent doctor, they quickly realized I had bipolar disorder. While that does bring some attention issues, treating it with stimulants is often a terrible mistake.

You don't have to commit to anything. Within a couple of appointments, a pdoc should be willing to give you a preliminary diagnosis. (Some insurance might even force them to do so sooner.) If you tell them you refuse to take drugs (why? Stimulants are incredibly helpful, ADD or not), they should give you an honest evaluation of what they believe they can do for you.

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