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I read your article, and I agree with some of the points. I don't think stimulants are much of a solution either, if I could wake up one day and be "cured" of my ADD that would be fantastic. For me, distraction is a compulsion, one that I wish to be rid of.

However I really resent the suggestion that I could somehow cure myself with "mindfullness" or if I "just tried harder." It is really easy for a person who has never suffered from ADD to think this way, but neither are legitimate solutions. Sure I try hard, sure I meditate at least once a day. I do it because it helps me. That doesn't mean that one day, somehow, I'll be able to function on that alone. It is only with medication, and help from a psychologist, I can lead a normal life.

Honestly, when people suggest that I somehow could cure myself I feel terrible. I feel like flawed person, like I'm failing at the basic life skills everyone else has mastered. But worse than that, I dread that someone else will be exposed to that, before being diagnosed. I was blessed to be diagnosed at a young age, and I can't imagine going through school, and into the workplace without help.

There are many illnesses that are considered very treatable or curable, but that doesn't mean every case can be improved. I definitely wasn't implying that people with ADD aren't trying hard enough!

A great example of the above is OCD. People with the illness have to work extremely hard to experience improvement, and not every case improves. But it's still considered to be something that people can recover from nearly completely.

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