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I have also been diagnosed with ADD and have serious problems focussing on studying - up to the point where I might drop out. I can pass many courses on an a+ level, but most courses that require a lot of studying are extremely hard to pass. I have already done some internships as a programmer - all of them very successful. I love computer programming and am certainly not bad at it.

But I have to wonder, what are my chances of getting a decent programming job in Europe without a degree? Getting internships has been very easy, but I can't imagine getting a job as a programmer can be as easy without a degree.

Are there people who know more about this, or people who I can talk to about this? Thanks

I can't speak for Europe, but it seems like there are plenty of well-regarded dev houses in Seattle who are more interested in what you've done on Github or published in a mobile app store than what college degree you've got. There are also several multi-month programming bootcamps that claim a 90%+ placement rate in $70-100k+ USD jobs in development or data science.

>but it seems like there are plenty of well-regarded dev houses in Seattle

Can you give any pointers to these or examples?

For whatever it's worth, you can read my article on dropping out of university two years in. However, this played out in the US, so it doesn't capture what I suspect to be a higher prevalence of official credentialism in Europe. Still, it might give you some pointers.


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