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>That seems to support the idea that ADD isn't a physiological fact, but a curable behavioral issue.

Are those contradictory positions? For example, consider lactose intolerance. It is true that a change in diet can "cure" lactose intolerance (in the sense of you never experience any symptoms), but lactose intolerance is still physiological.

Similarly, is there any research that mindfulness actually cures ADD, rather than acts as a coping mechanism to reduce the symptoms of ADD.

I didn't say that mindfulness would cure ADD. I just said mindfulness has been shown to decrease the effects. It's a not-very-well-defined condition to begin with, so I wouldn't believe a study claiming that something could cure it.

At the moment, there's no way to measure whether someone is cured. It may even be that "curing" ADD has some unintended/negative consequences -- perhaps some people have good qualities that are linked to their ADD. I really don't know.

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