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I honestly don't see the reactions described here as really abnormal.

Doesn't want to play 300 hour RPGs

Forcing oneself to study boring subjects is effective for two weeks then willpower gets worn down

Hmm, sounds like often ADD is a measure of how far you are from one of those studious people who are able to sit still and intensely focus... I don't think that's as useful as acknowledging there are different types of people. Personally, ADD seems to me to be the "Hysteria" of the 21st century. If anything, short attention span is manifest a lot more in today's generation because of the fast turnaround time of electronic queries (googling from your phone vs perusing the library), and vastly increased personal reachability (cellphone vs pre-beeper), leading to a faster pace of life.

Thom Hartmann wrote a book describing this phenomenon regarding ancestors who were adapted as hunters vs farmers:


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