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I have 2e ADHD, diagnosed only a few years ago at 63. A revelation. Lots of study ensued. This might be be a good article, the intro seems ok, but I cannot tell.

I cannot read this article. It reflows differently every time I scroll the page and the text I was reading goes .... somewhere. It is painful. iOS 8.4 Safari on iPad Air. - may be OK on desktop browsers. But I only go there for work these days.

So in that sense it is a self-referential demonstration of the problem with ADHD focus. Also a downvote on reflow logic these days. HTML5 has got too clever. Reflow on scrolling? wtf!

(edit). OK. I got around it. Last paragraph says it all for me. That hits what NT's cannot grasp: it's not a character defect, its not a "simple" matter of will power. FWIW, I have hit upon a way around some of the will power issues, the important ones like giving up smoking and losing weight to get out of pre-diabetic region: a form of mental Judo based on visualization and meditation. It's slow - can take a year - but it works. This after 20 years of trying using conventional will power based methods. I have a stack of Smoke-Ender certificates to attest to that.


Hmmm not sure why that would be happening. I test in on Firefox on Android (Nexus 5), where it works perfectly. I don't think I do any weird things with the CSS, although I just modified an existing theme, so maybe it's something I haven't looked at much.

Not everengineering websites is important for me, It's important to me that they work with javascript disabled and even in text-based browsers, so I'll look into this tomorrow.

It seems that Safari iOS's latest "helpful" behavior, sliding the tabs and favorites bar out of sight, is changig the window size and so invoking reflow. Which moved what I was reading off the bottom of the screen. Scrolling down to find it again re-opened the tabs and favorites, changed the window size back, invoked reflow, and moved my reading point out of view above the window. Scrolling back up again - well, I'm sure you get the picture. Part of the magnitude of the issue was moving the page header (big green panel) from the top to the side and back again, also when the header was on the side the text font was larger.

Haven't fired up any iOS devices in a while so I'm not sure but does iOS Safari have a "view in desktop mode" button anywhere? I mostly use Android on phones/tablets but I occasionally run into similar issues on some sites (various wikis come to mind) and reflowing/horizontal scrolling screws things up on the mobile Chrome and Firefox.

Typically for those sites I hit the "desktop mode" button which I believe just changes the user agent string so that it shows everything without any mobile "optimization". It makes for a bit of zooming and panning if you're in portrait mode but beats having most of the screen cut off or whatnot.

On my ipad the left pane keeps resizing, sometimes narrower sometimes not. I was using my left thumb to scroll. It really does make the site unusable.

Sounds like some thing weird is happening. Just use the Safari Reader mode or whatever it's called.

FWIW, I don't see any weird reflows on Chrome for Mac.

Lots of reflows on Opera Mini.

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