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Very close to my own experiences.

ADD is like a television with excellent reception - only problem is, you don't get to choose which channel it's tuned into. :)

     "Had I been diagnosed 30 years ago..."
The goddamn name itself is painfully misleading. It's probably why I or my parents and teachers never even considered it until I was diagnosed in my 30s. "Attention deficit disorder" sounds like a disorder where you can't pay attention, not a disorder where you pay attention very well, just not to things of your choosing.

The misleading name is also probably part of the reason why some people question ADD's existence: they don't even understand what it is. They see kids with ADD focusing on video games or whatever and say: "See, they can pay attention!"

I have one problem with the article: not everybody experiences ADD exactly the same way. There are recognized subtypes such as predominately inattentive ADD, etc.

This is exactly my feelings 100%. Teachers made me out to be dumb or mentally defective to my mother but my mother saw something different at home, where my attention was free. My mum recounted a story of me at 3 years watching my father and grandfather empty out a flooded garage trench (not sure of the name). Supposedly, I gave a suggestion that blew everyone away because it made the job 100x easier.

A bit different to the teacher making fun of me to the whole class by sitting in a chair, pretending to be catatonic several years later because I didn't have the answer for her rapid fire 9 times table (I was daydreaming and as is common my mouth was slightly ajar).

Not to say there wasn't problems; my mum used to send me up to get her a brush or some small thing and I'd forget once I'd get upstairs. After more than a few bollockings, I learned to ask where it was in the hopes it'd jog my memory. I was accused of not listening and I couldn't explain that it wasn't my fault!

I could however spend hours on Sonic 2 without taking a break. I was also infatuated with science and spent hours coming up with inventions that, to my dismay, already existed. I remember reinventing the fire sprinkler. It was more like a fire water balloon but the principle was similar.

These little memories, which form just a tiny grain of the daily struggle for the past 23 years, are almost funny. A joke, however, isn't so funny everyday, many multiple times a day.

When you discuss one small nugget, people say "ohhhh everyone was like that" and, due to lack of focus, you are unable to defend against their dismissal.

After 23 years, all day everyday, and the pain, hospitalisation and searching, dismissal by the ignorant is almost insulting.

It sucks. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that.

Also, adding insult to injury, your use of the word "mum" suggests that you may have been forced to play the 50hz PAL version of Sonic 2 instead of the 60hz NTSC version.

Yes, hahaha. In fairness, if you've never experienced supersonic in any other format (except Adventure on DC), you don't know what you've missed.

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