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Looks like this site is just a wrapper around the YouTube search API, which allows you to specify a location to retrieve results from.

From the documentation[0], "The location parameter, in conjunction with the locationRadius parameter, defines a circular geographic area and also restricts a search to videos that specify, in their metadata, a geographic location that falls within that area. The parameter value is a string that specifies latitude/longitude coordinates."

Looks like you can add a location to your video in the Advanced Settings panel in the video settings: http://i.imgur.com/AtnTu7F.png

As far as I can tell, location is not added by default (I tried uploading a video that has embedded location data and that location was not added to YouTube; I would have to add the location manually).

[0]: https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/search/list

how many products are "just a wrapper"? Why deride someone else's hack?

Why infer derision from a statement that needn't necessarily have been?

That something required a small amount of code or effort is valuable information. And actually, among hackers, usually positive.

The word "just" (at least with this meaning) trivializes what follows.

Yeah, after reading this again I think you're right.

> just a wrapper

Compare to "a wrapper".

Feeling like you have to do something novel or complex for it to be worthwhile can be a curse. I feel cursed often.

I regret using the word "just", sorry for seeming negative. I only meant to clarify that this doesn't expose any information that YouTube isn't purposefully providing as part of the search API. I apologize for the confusion!

It's OK dude. If people deem a comment "derisive" just because of a normal word then this whole environment is quite insane. Don't feel bad for pointing out a fact. You did the right thing! If you pay too much attention to how the whole world is reacting to your words then you'll get absolutely nothing done. There will always be negative voices no matter what. The fact that your post is on top speaks for itself.

I don't think a "wrapper" is anywhere near the meaning of a "hack". Most of the things we see posted here on HN probably involve more work and creation. Not saying that such a wrapper is not valuable, just that I think this response just intends to point out a fact. To say it's a "derision" is way too reactive. So would you rather nobody point out the fact at all and just leave it be? That would be a far worse situation IMO.

Thank you for supporting me!

Yeah, it's one of the methods that we use to gather event videos automatically: http://wesawit.com/events

your site is great, but its pretty slow on my side.

You're right. I'm trying to do something small first. I have many ideas by now, some big, they will come to life in the near future.

Good on you, it's definitely pretty neat! Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that this was simple or anything! At first I interpreted it as a security / privacy bug where you were exposing what your neighbors were uploading, so my comment was just meant to clarify that this is an intentional behavior of the YouTube API.

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