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Every time I use Angular it feels like it's doing things the right way and it's becoming the Rails or Django of the JavaScript world. Wish I had fought to use AngularJs directives and $resource instead of messing about with ReactJS and jQuery ajax calls.

With this migration plan it seems silly not to keep hacking with AngularJS 1.x

If you're using React you could look into different flux frameworks or even Relay+GraphQL to avoid jQuery ajax (or at least hide it). That last thing is the bleeding edge right now but looks promising. Flux is probably here to stay and you have a ton of libraries to choose from. I started with Reflux but is now using Alt.

GraphQL requires backend infrastructure to use, which takes time usually to plug into the planning pipeline.

Yep, even though directive implementation is verbose in 1.x, once you get really comfortable building them it's a pleasure to use them.

I also share this sentiment. I also added a directive class that helps dramatically with code organization/comprehension. For example, listeners should be implemented here, view-model things should be setup here, etc...

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