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We used to live in a world where Moore was the name of a law and our libraries changed every second year. Maybe we're reaching a plateau and we've found the right way to do things. Maybe the set of js libraries we know today is close to the final set, the ideal toolbox of a front-end developer. Maybe the next huge development of IT is the cloud, deep learning and Cortana, and maybe since the desktop/mobile power isn't expected to expand anymore, the will to write yet-another-heavier js framework will vanish. Maybe Angular 2 will be the way to do things in 2015.

It's got nothing to do with Moore and everything to do with the collective fingers being pulled out of bums by the standards committees and finally adding new features to js after 10 odd years of stagnation.

And given javascript is still way behind the other languages at the moment, javascript libraries still have a lot of settling down to do.

For example, one of the big problem with javascript was specifically that there was no way to watch for property changes, so all sorts of crazy strategies were adopted, like getters and setters as methods, or scanning all registered objects for changes. But they all suck and force you to write crappy code. As new ES features are adopted, less of these dirty hacks are needed but they cause major changes in libraries.

+1 for Proxy() :)

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