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The Teflon Toxin Part 3: How DuPont Slipped Past the EPA (firstlook.org)
46 points by thisjustinm on Aug 20, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

        In October 1996, after the regional office of the EPA 
    began investigating a complaint about one of the company’s 
    landfills, Eli McCoy, the director of the West Virginia 
    DEP, allegedly sent the company a document “to aid DuPont 
    in diffusing any potential enforcement action,” as Bilott 
    put it in a letter to the EPA. After a few weeks of 
    negotiation, the West Virginia DEP signed off on a consent 
    decree, in exchange for a mere $200,000 penalty and minor 
    upgrades from DuPont. McCoy then went to work for a 
    consulting firm DuPont hired to help it comply with that 
It just gets more depressing from there. I am only 75% the way through and find it hard to finish.

I fucking hate these big business chemical corporations. Literally no care in the world for their employees, customers, or the environment.

It is truly saddening to see what money, and wanting to have more of it, can to do people. How empty is a life when all there is to it is that?

Extensive discussion of Part 1: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10045156

I am interested in what replacement chemicals have been chosen because I'm wondering if they will have the same problems.

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