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Software Architecture Addict (softwarearchitectureaddict.com)
22 points by itaifrenkel on Aug 18, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I once had this client with a system backed by SQL, and whenever they took great care of logging any system error they had... into the same SQL DB.

I did suggest they use files on disk and then logstash / fluentd / whatever, but they just said it wouldn't hold...

Go figure

I wonder if the SQL hold the insert traffic, because if it did... I would guess one could argue file->logstash->redis->ES would be overarchitecting it :)

oh trust me they had errors....

OP here... we would like to hear stories about an over-architected system you had the pleasure to work on.

Well actually ... I have one. I worked at a big corporate that decided to create a link between SMS and IM for emerging markets, that was a few years after the iPhone was introduced. At some point we were 100 people, 5 dev groups (4 services and 1 infrastructure), another PM and QA group and a few more Ops. After 9 months the project was live, and had a problem with market acceptance (although there were focus groups showing it would catch with teens that dont have access to their IM before they go to sleep, or at school). The funny thing that a "pilot" version was ready after a month, written by 2 developers, that was almost feature complete. The joke was we should have shipped the pilot after a month.

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