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He was an amazing man. All of the hate is because he dared to follow that vision where it went, instead of merely being a vendor of software for Microsoft, or subservient to Google (eg: Apple built the entire infrastructure to do maps merely because Google wanted to sell apple customers information.)

I've yet to meet a Steve Jobs hater who actually understood what the guy did.

The steve jobs hate is all ideological and comes form the Apple hate which comes from people getting sold PCs by pimply nosed kids in the 1990s and being jealous of their friends much superior macintoshes (which fwiw, since the mid 1990s have been cheaper than comparable PCs, yet the myth is spread otherwise still to this day, because you can go buy a tagamochi for $4.99 and claim it's cheaper than a macintosh, and therefore the mac is overpriced.)

So, yeah, you should re-think what you believe about this guy and learn a bit about the real history.

I've been following him since the late 1980s, and he's always been a passionate, compassionate, genuine, honest and opinionated guy.

Amazing vision is true. Narcissist is true. Compassionate and Steve Jobs don't belong in the same sentence. He rejected his own daughter for many years - but he secretly admitted it (the Lisa computer). Pirates of Silicon Valley + feedback from Woz + Gates on the movie is worthwhile to understand Steve, as is Issacson's biography on Steve Jobs. I have very mixed feelings on the man.

I'd suggest reading any of his biographies or watching Pirates of Silicon Valley. My problem is not with Apple at all, it's with the man himself.

What has he done to you to make you so upset about him?

That's a very odd question to ask. I mentioned a distaste for him, not any sort of active upset. Kim Jong Un (deliberately avoiding reductio ad hitlerum) has done nothing to me personally, and I have to say I'm not a fan.

Edit: I don't like the way he treat his friends, family, staff or even applicants, details you can get by reading the biographies or watching the documentaries as I've said before.

Well you explicitly said you had a problem with him, not his company Apple. Then referenced him next to the North Korean leader.

You clearly have an issue with him? It's just interesting to see what that may be and whether it might able to be substantiated.


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