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Tho brings back memories of the biz-tech magazine heyday of the late 90s early 2000s which emphasized layout, graphics and story. Some were more buzz than substance, but they enlivened the scene and made tech more popular while feeding off the frenzy. Kind of like the techcrunches, gigaom, pandos of the day.

So, red herring, the standard, fast company, business2.0, wired, others.

Sadly, tech journalism has only gotten worse in the past 20 years. As bad as it was then-- there was no surprise that reporters didn't understand technology-- now they think they do, which is worse.

Most amusing were the wild predictions and unbridled blind enthusiasm. How they might explain why webvan would be the next juggernaut, for example. Not sure they did a story on webvan in particular, but in general very frothy reporting.

I miss webvan! Still have some of their branded delivery boxes..

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