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Assembly 2015 demo party results (assembly.org)
84 points by zaf on Aug 18, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

As a web dev doing 3D stuff, I'm seriously impressed that the 6th place entry in the demo comp (I Want To See Small Worlds[1]) was created with three.js. They're doing great things with it.

[1] http://archive.assembly.org/2015/demo/i-want-to-see-small-wo...

The 1k intro winner was also done in JS:


On my machine it lagged a lot...

Then I decided to see a video version of it, instead the sound is muffled :(

I wish I had a decent machine to see the demo properly.

Demos has been requiring mid-high range machines with discrete GPUs (after '97).

and three.js itself was created by a spanish demoscener (trace/mrdoob)

To watch the winners of what is usually the highlight* of a demoparty:

https://youtu.be/VD8c8XagJms - https://youtu.be/wzMmzqio9sA - https://youtu.be/idOK0JlRhZY

Also, this cracked me up: SPORTS - Disk throw

* Some would argue that that should be the AMIGAAAAA compo. I don't disagree, but note that the AMIGAAAAAA compo is usually a little less accessible to the general public.

Disk throwing has been a standard demo/copy party event since the dinosaurs roamed the earth (at least in Finland). I remember there being a disk throwing compo at Assembly '92.

It's probably a good idea to point out that this party had a robust Amiga demo competition this year as well. Remarkable.

I wouldn't be surprised if the anniversary had anything to do with that.

Pro tip. If you are using a plugin to force HTTPS, then you will be redirected from

- https://archive.assembly.org/....


- http://www.assembly.org/....

And you will get a bunch of 404s

Entering manually (HTTPS) https://www.assembly.org/blogs/2/posts/24/ works...?

Why would you get a redirect?

EDIT: on safari it doesn't but firefox it does redirect...

What is interesting is that it's possible to throw a disk (69m) further than a CD (68m). Perhaps the hole in the CD makes a difference, or the disks are smaller overall?

I suspect it's more about the weight being concentrated (liek how you can throw a wadded up ball of paper farther than you can throw an unfolded sheet). I also think floppies weigh about 20% more.

Wow, that page looks like it's an ad for some kind of sports bar or monster truck rally. Was that on purpose?

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