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"BREAKING: Hugely successful big co has ex employees not fully satisfied, willing to criticize it. It also has current employees who appreciate it, willing to defend it. Will keep you posted."

....and thus it all cancels out? Show your work.

It's just all so anecdotal. Finding five frustrated employees of a company with things would not be hard to do, and the response pointed out how many of the major complaints were severely taken out of context. It just reeks if someone trying to make a story when there is none.

This is how most "journalism" works these days. Write your report as if the sky is falling, something extremely negative and spin it as if it's a major global trend. Then read the article and it's just some quotes from maybe three people, with very little data to back up the claim that it's a major trend. I see this type of work constantly. Especially articles about America or about "shortages." People get hyped up by a negative headline but don't think critically about the content.

Basically, everyone not currently at amazon is admitting how much it sucks. People currently there are pretending it doesn't suck. The company does have a good reality distortion field and seems like a great place to work for the first 6 months.

Then you find out they were lying to you.

It's not just the employees interviewed by the Times. I've read roughly 100 comments (across this and several related HN articles) from ex-Amazon employees who confirmed that their experiences at Amazon were similar to what was described in the Times article. And maybe 100 comments from people who wrote that they would never work at Amazon based on what friends they knew at Amazon have gone through. At some point, the evidence begins to build up. I think it's pretty unlikely that there's a vast conspiracy of former Amazon employees and their friends who want to spread nasty lies about Amazon.

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