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I'm working on 91 applications in it (Series of educational games/interactives/story books). It's going really well and we have more than half complete. There are some bugs, but any framework has that.

You do have a company right? How many applications/games have you already shipped?

Yes, but we don't normally do "games". I make games on the side for fun and it ended up with me doing some professionally. Out of the 91, I'd say we've 'shipped' 16 at this point; with 16-20 more in the final tweak stages (repack assets, adjust sound, add mouse overs, tweak animations, add additional tweens, etc). We'll be working on it through the end of the year. We've tried to take the flash apps and improve on the design. Most now run on a series of 'engines'. So take 91 apps; categorize them; build the engines, then script the games for each engine. We've just finished up getting mouth movements to match audio; and allowing activities to launch other activities by restarting the preload state. We have a series of Grunt scripts for each engine that package up each game/activity as a zip file that is SCORM compatible.

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