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I never had a formal typing class and I guess I am still not that fast in typing, but with the years I learnt my keyboard (even in the US and the German variant) and for my opinion I am typing fast enough now, since I have to think sometimes between the strokes, still.

But when I look back at my career, I never had the feeling, to be to slow in typing even for Module II -- a language, that would never ever get the approval of the "C purists".

Doing refactoring, I use a simple trick myself -- I do much copy and paste ;) ... and delete (!) the copied stuff afterwards.

I think, as a programmer, it is a good property to be lazy -- but you should merely use it for code reuse instead for avoiding typing.

Oh, I forgot: I use vim, a typing avoidance editor. You can avoid lot of keystrokes or mouse moves with that editor. But not to avoid real content.

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