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I am not sure, if it is really worthwhile to produce a C equivalent language in the year 2013 for more productivity.

I think, that C has still some usages, but for bigger projects, it is IMHO not feasible to use C or an equivalent for the whole project.

Most usage I see in generated code or small code samples that have to run rather fast. My questions:

* for a faster C, is there really a new language needed? (can't we go with better compilers)

* C2 should provide better tooling, but at first it is a drawback, since old tools are not working or are limited. How does that fit together? Would it not better, to use just C for generated code (where the usability aspects are also neglect-able).

Of course, every programmer wants to create a new language, but most of them are not lasting long ... and C2 did not convince me from the front-page.

There is value in a C replacement, but it would need mindshare even more than features.

I think Go has a good combination of mindshare and features for system software development. Rust may as well, though I know less about it.

I'd think that having a GC and runtime associated with it would prevent Go from even being considered for a Systems language.

I see Go as more of a java replacement than as a C replacement (inasmuch as there are lots of tools that can be written in both C and java, it is a C replacement though). Rust is obviously going after C++.

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