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Moore's law is passing the baton from GHz to the storage stack. Whereas you once had a simple RAM + HD setup, you now have a teamworking hierarchy of storage technologies: Cache / 3d stacked mem / DRAM / X-point / SSD / HD. Each one of these is behaving just like GHz did: doubling in speed/capacity every 18 months. Given that this is where the performance bottleneck has been, we're looking good on exponential performance upside for a long time to come if we extrapolate the recent trend. Excellent.

Won't be long till the network is the bottleneck again. 10Gb is still relatively expensive for the end user, and 40 and 100Gb are out of reach for most budgets.

Funnily enough I was just this morning googling for 10Gbit Ethernet cards and a whole bunch of "Copper wire 10Gbit will hit primetime in 2015" results game up. Totally agree. Throughput is where it's at.

Moore's Law has always been concerned about transistor size. Solid State Drives are nothing but a big pile of transistors, so it's no surprise we're seeing incredible capacity growth.

However, some manufacturers have been backpedaling on NAND process size recently, since larger cells have better endurance. Capacity still scales well thanks to tech like Triple Level Cells (TLC) and 3D-stacked dies.

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