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In the post-Snowden era, USA tech corporations, like Microsoft, felt the downturn on trust from non-USA companies and citizens in their online offerings. With Microsoft betting more and more on their cloud services, I find it strange (or maybe it isn't strange, but let's be naive for a minute here) that Microsoft goes against this and actually gives people _more_ reasons to not trust them than less.

As if they're thinking we all don't give a shit. But if we all didn't, why the downturn in trust in USA tech corporations post-Snowden?

I can't help but think that this is either massively naive from their part (people/companies won't care, they will buy our stuff and services regardless) or very short-sighted (as it will hurt their cloud services offerings in the long run, the more they hammer down the trust from their own users in MS' wares.)

Or maybe when nobody trusts you anyway, that ship has sailed? :)

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