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This highlights what we really lost when consumer operating systems started replacing enterprise-grade operating systems. I would have never imagined this kind of things happening on something like Solaris or Irix, which were the base operating systems of many workstations. At some point when Linux became popular it suggested that the regular consumer would benefit from the robustness, focus, reliability of an entreprise grade OS. Not so..

That large companies accept this state of affair is extremely surprising.

That we accept that our electricity and communication bills are being diverted to serve the interest of an operating system's creator.. that sounds crazy. It's like letting the creator of your fridge eat your food and drive your car.

Would you let the creator of your fridge eat some of your food, if they gave you the fridge for free?

Maybe, from the stuff in the back that is way past its use-by date.

Well I would let them maybe eat some food once or twice but they certainly would not have the key to my appartment

If I put a lock on the fridge they gave me, should I be taken to jail?

That analogy doesn't hold up... if any it would be if you'd let the creator of the fridge to see which food are you putting in so it can tell Amazon and offering you similar items.

And then you would decide if you take advantage of that or if you would not use it because of fear that the fridge would be sharing more than just the items you bought.

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