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This is such a hard thing for me to read.

Game development is so incredibly hard. It feels like a winner-takes-all game where the very top 1% have everything, and the rest have almost nothing.

It's a shame that this studio has to fold. The game looks pretty good. You don't get to that point without having incredibly talented artists, programmers and managers, without having a team that's working pretty well together. And yeah, their reviews on steam aren't perfect -- but to me that doesn't seem that terrible. Everyone stumbles before they really catch their stride.

It sounds like they just ran out of money, really. They ran out of time. They weren't given a real shot. What a shame. I see startups pop up all over the valley here that don't even have a tiny fraction of the ingenuity and talent of this company.

It's a shame that our economy doesn't value art like this more. A real shame.

It's not just game development, it's almost any creative endeavor. "90% of everything is crap" - Sturgeon's "law".

Now even if you end up making the 10% that isn't crap, you have to fight hard to get any attention. There is a huge amount of hustling involved.

Even when you are an unprecedented genius, you will suffer immensely for lack of business and marketing skill. Where would Einstein be without Adler? Where would Newton be without Halley?

That's just the way the world is (and has been, since time immemorial).

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