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The assets of this company are, essentially, worthless. I think the liquidator would jump for joy on a bid of, let's say, 5 or 10k euros for all IP of this game. I've seen cases where IP that cost orders of magnitude more to develop sell for less, sometimes under the condition 'you have to take the office inventory too, because otherwise I have to pay for getting it disposed of' (where 'I' is the liquidator).

If anyone is motivated enough, it would take just 500-1000 people who would chip in some spare change to make this open source (I'm not interested in any of this, before anyone suggests it - just hinting to those mentioning 'open source').

Maybe they could do a kickstarter.

That would be the (logistically) obvious route to take for an interested party, but I didn't want to suggest it out of fear of coming across as facetious :)

Sell them on the Unity Asset Store, TurboSquid, UE4 Marketplace, etc.

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