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It's interesting to see the reactions here. The matchstick project ended up giving full refunds to the backers and yet they were trashed in the comments. While here people are showing lots of love even after the bankrupt notification.

I know Kickstarter failures are pretty common...but I submitted this one because I liked the refreshing straightforward admission of abject failure. The comments on the OP are pretty mild and supportive considering that the project isn't sending out any of its promised rewards, nevermind not finishing the game. I'd like to think that the OP's honesty is a factor in that.

I don't know, I didn't pay attention to most of the failed projects, but the matchstick guys seemed honest enough (they too took a road to difficult for them). Especially considering they'd refund everybody. Yet people seemed quite angry.

The internet is always angry.

Except when they aren't reimbursed.

End users suck as investors. They think they already bought the product+rewards and feel it's quite painful that they still need to wait a few months before starting to use them.

Hell, to say the truth although I'm a developer, when I paid something on Kickstarter I also feel that way...

we're mostly humans.

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