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From TA:

"What about our Kickstarter backers?

The people that believed in us from the beginning? People we made promises too. People we have let down. Even worse… people we will not be able to give the full rewards they invested in.

The crazy thing is, that we have most of the rewards ready for postage. All the backer stickers and letters of enlistment just need a stamp. All the poster sets printed, signed and ready. The artbook is ready to be printed, the soundtrack is ready for distribution, the DVD case is ready for production. But we have literally no money whatsoever to pay for stamps, let alone print the artbooks and dvd-cases."

This could be a good closure. From comments:

"Fredrik Waage: Please honor your backers who believed in your game by releasing the DRM-free version like you promised so linux backers (hopefully via WINE) and ppl who don't like steam can enjoy your game."

Or maybe even go open source?

> Or maybe even go open source?

While that is the ideal way to close up a failed start-up (in my opinion anyway) I don't believe they would entertain that considering they're trying to sell the IP.

Looks like they need to try to sell the IP first in order to pay back creditors.

Since they're filing for bankruptcy, they really can't go open source -- their IP needs to be sold to pay the creditors.

Maybe, if there's anybody to buy it. It may be abandoned.

They say that the source is for sale along with the IP, so probably not

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