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Here is the steam page.


Remind me of Alice, which had some beautiful levels.


It's a real shame, since I was really looking forward to this game!

I suppose I should count myself fortunate that I didn't Kickstart Woolfe.

Seeing these failed projects is grim reminder that just because you back something doesn't mean it will be delivered.

Actually, more failing projects should be funded IMO - Kickstarter has been too much like a store for too long, which caused a lot of people to have overly high expectations for projects they backed.


It doesn't help the perception that there are a lot of companies out there that seem to be using Kickstarter as a service for basically taking pre-orders though. Often I've thought "Why the heck is that big company with lots of money doing a Kickstarter? Isn't Kickstarter for people that wouldn't have the money to fund the project at all?".

A whole other debate, I know.

Since you didn't back it back then, you can now buy it immediately on Steam. It looks like a functional game, and not a failed project.

It doesn't have a proper ending (obvious they were expecting a second in the series), but having played it I enjoyed it for what it was.

With the bankruptcy, it's questionable where purchases of this will go to, so you might want to keep an eye on the game's Steam forum.

(There was another game, the name of which escapes me, that had a similar issue, with it getting sold cheap, and the money wasn't going to the creators. I think it was this year's Steam sales, if anyone else recalls the game.)

It wasn't "recent", but after Gamecock went bankrupt (good riddance!), their FPS title Legendary was on Steam for like a buck fifty. It's $3 now. I assume that was a creditor trying to squeeze every cent from it.

"Oh I didn't get the toy I paid for".

Really? That's what you're posting when a group of talented artists see their dream shattered?

The artists have no right to complain. They were the ones asking for money in the first place. They promised the public they would deliver on the "toy." They underestimated what it would take to make the game. The backers are not free of responsibility, but the artists also have to accept blame.

Keep in mind the game was delivered, and is available for purchase on Steam.

Quote marks should be reserved for quoting things that people actually said.

Sarcastic quote marks should be reserved to make fun of something someone actually did ... the person you're responding to said in fact that he didn't kick in on this project.

>Really? That's what you're posting when a group of talented artists see their dream shattered?

How, exactly, was their "dream shattered"?

They raised money that (they thought) was sufficient, and got to work independently on a game they loved. That's more than a lot of people get. Apparently the game wasn't very good. No one is entitled to financial success.

That what amazed me about this, is it looks like they were basically creating a complete clone of Alice: Madness Returns.

I mean, I know Alice didn't sell well, but surely someone pointed that out to them?

I'm confused - how is it failed if they launched it on Steam? Is that just a demo?

The game doesn't sell well enough to cover running costs.

What are the running costs - does it have an online component? Or just the fees they have to pay to Steam?

They had wages to pay. (IIRC they had somewhere from 5 - 10 full time employees).

Wow. I'm not current on games but from an art standpoint that looks pretty good.

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