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IPython 4.0 Released (jupyter.org)
230 points by erikcw on Aug 12, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

Jupyter is great ! Did you know that Github renders the .ipynb files ? See https://github.com/SciRuby/sciruby-notebooks/blob/master/get... for example.

Does it have any new features? I am a big fan of IPython Notebook/Jupyter, and use it daily, but from the release note I don't see what's that cool in v 4.0 (from the users perspective).

I.e. is there a reason to actually upgrade? (Against typical cons - notebooks are not backwards compatible.)

Yes iPython is no longer the project but only the parts that actually deal with Python. So the kernel is now 100% agnosit. For users this means if your a polygot (I sort am one) you can now use Jupyter for Haskell or R or Julia.

I think that if people will let the name iPython go we will see an explosion of usage by other communities and see new features added to the project.

I already run Julia and Haskell on IPython Notebook 3.0 - does the current 4.0 make it simpler to add kernels?

Yes 4.0 is suppose to make it so that the kernels are much easier to install and work with. I haven't been home to install it on my Linux boxes nor the Linux boxes at work. Only thing I can try is Windows and well I HATE working with Python in windows.

>Since all of these packages were part of IPython 3, they are all starting out at 4.0. They won't be updated in coordination with each other as their APIs and release schedules will be allowed to advance at their own respective paces.

I can see this leading to problems. Are we going to be left in a position of new features being added to one project while being unusable because the other project release schedule is lagging behind a bit?

That's why when you use them you get a message:

> /.../site-packages/IPython/nbformat.py:13: ShimWarning: The `IPython.nbformat` package has been deprecated. You should import from nbformat instead.

You are supposed to use the new modules for new notebooks, but this way it won't break any old notebook you have.

`echo 'alias ipython=jupyter' >> ~/.bash_profile`

Since I seriously doubt I'll ever remember the name "Jupyter". According to PG, they should change their name- because jupyter.com is already taken.

Aw man, Hacker News is going to fail soon because hackernews.com is taken by someone else. (At least this means I'll spend my time writing useful software instead of making snarky comments on the internet.)

On a more serious note, if I'm reading the article right, `ipython` is still the IPython CLI interface, it's just that less-related commands like `ipython notebook` are now `jupyter notebook`, right?

They have jupyter.org, are they a company?

They are not a company, but an academic very open source project with substantial grant funding. Last week I talked with Fernando Perez (IPython founder) about the name choice, and he and the other devs thought very hard (and deeply) about it, and researched the choice of name, and they definitely have no plans to change. I really like the new name and inclusive vision to support everything, rather than just Python.

For what it's worth, python.com used to be an adult site.

iPython concerns Python kernel

Jupyter concerns a plethora of kernel and is of value to more people.

I stopped calling it iPython the day this was announced.

I just tried to install iPython on Fedora using dnf and it depends on Node.JS. Really?

ipython uses (last I checked) node.js or pandoc(haskell) to convert markdown to html in nbconvert. You shouldn't need node or haskell if you're not using nbconvert

the server is written in tornado

It doesn't do any such thing for me. I `pip install`ed it just now and it ran fine. You mean the shell, right?

When I do this on Fedora 22:

repoquery --requires python-ipython-notebook

I get node.js stuff.

The notebook is a web interface, node-based tools (bower, less) are used to package the in-browser part: http://jupyter-notebook.readthedocs.org/en/latest/developmen... It's unclear why fedora adds it as a dependency, it shouldn't be necessary for a packaged notebook application as far as I can see, only to package or run from source.

Why not?

Well it also installs Python Tornado which does event based web serving...and I would think iPython Notebook would be written in...Python. Maybe its just me.

This is probably why it was renamed to Jupyter Notebook.[0]

0. https://blog.jupyter.org/2015/04/15/the-big-split/

ipython notebook works on command line, jupyter notebook does not, even after upgrade

Same here (on Windows). The files created in scripts directory are actually python files without extension. Tried to do a python jupyter notebook but then it doesn't find the jupyter-notebook script neither.

also got errors on windows after install

Anyone know of a Clojure kernel for jupyter?


There is a list of all kernels in the Jupyter documentation, linked from the OA.

so when Jupyter does the next upgrade will it be called IPython 5 or Jupyter 5.0 (or 2.0)?

Where is the changelog for the 4.0 release? Or is the release devoted to the name change?

Seems to me like the split is the biggest part of the update. One reason is that an iPython install now only includes the iPython terminal interface. On Ubuntu though one already needed to install iPython notebook separately (apt-get install ipython3-notebook) so not a lot changes, I suppose.

ipython notebook is now jupyter notebook. ipython notebook still works.

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