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Aspects of React, Relay and Flux make me feel like my company's js framework could end up like Leibniz once we release it this fall...

A word of caution: you're probably right. React, Angular, Backbone cover most use cases and are proven in production, well known, and well understood. Unless you're a big company with hard problems, why should anyone pay attention? Not to rain on your parade, I've had the inclination to build my own libraries in the past as well but I always remember why it's not a good plan.

Any new framework these days has to bring a ton of innovation and performance to the table - is your framework faster and easier to use than React? Does it fulfill use cases that React cannot? How many more use cases can React fit than yours? Hint: There's React Canvas, React Native, React WinJS, and you can run it on your server. There's also approximately a billion modules for these libraries combined.

There are plenty of examples of projects that are DOA. If you want yours to be successful you'll REALLY have to sell it. Not that I'm rooting against you! :) If your library is more innovative and more powerful, more power to you! There's nothing wrong with progress. I'm just skeptical because the aforementioned libraries work for nearly 100% of companies.

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