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Future Node.js releases will be from the io.js repo (github.com)
98 points by eknkc on Aug 12, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 33 comments

Future Node.js releases will come from what is current io.js. That is all. The name is not changing. This is nothing to get excited about--this has been the plan all along.

This is a dumb posting with a really misleading title. Nowhere on the linked page does it say "Node.js/node is now io.js". Perhaps the maintainers should have updated the reamde before switching repos, but I suspect they're concentrating more on coding than on marketing.

Just above the commit count: > Future Node.js releases will be from this repo. https://iojs.org

It is part of github's repo description.

Yes that is the title of this thread now. It is in some sense the converse of the original title that I quoted above.


Someone with business sense would rarely, if ever, kill a hot brand. Guessing that this wasn't really all that well thought through. Either that or there's some legal or trademark issue.

I think they just haven't updated the README yet.

I can already see the jokes about this change from the Node Haters Club.

As a non node/io user, I fail to compute your contribution to the discussion.

Same to you.

The official name is Node.js. That repo is the combined source of Node.js 0.12 and io.js master and future releases will be coming from there.

I think the next major release will be "Node.js v4.0.0"

For those wondering, this was a premature posting. Node.js is the name still, it's using io.js' source code from Node.js v4.0.0 and on. The Readme hasn't been updated yet.

Misleading title, if you read the issue link that drunkcatsdgaf posted (https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/2327).

They're really giving up one of the most recognizable platform names in tech (node.js)? Is this so Joyent can maintain control over its trademark? (However that implies they'll still use the name node.js for something.)

Is there an explanation of why nodejs became iojs somewhere and not the reverse? (and whether code will be updated to remove "node" references?)

They are not renaming anything. iojs is now the official source code of nodejs.

I'm happy that the fork , led by the real maintainers of nodejs, is now the original project.

With the io.js fork, the io.js open governance model, and advancements in the project moved significantly faster than NodeJS under Joyent. Since then the Node Foundation was created with a technical committee based on, and pretty much consisting of the io.js members with a few changes...

Most of the technical advancements regarding the source are from the io.js branches. Node 0.12 included Intl support, one of the few features in Node that wasn't in io.js, with some contention about the size.

The organization and releases will definitely be "Node" from 4.0 not io.js, the best guess is the movement of the branch happened ahead of updating the README file.

(Guessing) it is a signal to the community that node 'belongs' to the community -- hence renaming it after the community/nonjoyent fork.

It was node pre-Joyent

There was no node pre-Joyent. Ryan Dahl and other early contributors were all working at Joyent. It is Joynet IP and they own the trademark.

(sorry for delayed response)

I don't think this is accurate. I don't know when Ryan went to work for node, but if you listen to his earliest talks, where he discusses the journey he took to develop node, it was an independent project.

Additionally, these posts identify when Joyent took node under its umbrella (along with the IP):

https://www.joyent.com/blog/a-new-abode-for-node/ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nodejs/lWo0MbHZ6Tc

Good work! That happened way faster than I expected

This blog post[1] should clear up a lot of the confusion... Most of this is just the transition of the organizational structure from io.js to the Node Foundation.


Since no official statement has been made, I will just assume that they're arranging the repo.

Now I have to change my pinboard tags...

Interesting that they are moving forward with the name io.js rather than merging into node and keeping the legacy name.

I could be wrong, but I don't think they are renaming anything. They just replaced the official Node.js Github repo with the io.js repo, and it has the old readme. I expect the readme will be updated.

Im surprised by this, too. Node is significantly more well-known than Io.

I'm confused, I thought they were ditching io.js

Is anything even new here? The io.js README was last updated 18 days ago.

Back in May, the two projects announced they were merging, and several things have been done in that respect:

* The io.js project joined the Node Foundation (https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/1664#issuecomment-1018...). * Joyent transferred ownership of nodejs.org to the Linux Foundation (http://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=nodejs.org).

It seems like the future-facing work is being done in the io.js repository.. that doesn't mean an eventual release from there will be called io.js. Can anyone link to anything more authoritative than a probably-not-updated README?

I'd thought so too and assume the readmes havent been updated yet

Detente is over, schism returns?

Someone ping me when JS removes mutability.

We changed the title from "Node.js/node is now io.js".

Submitters: please don't make up your own title on a post you didn't write. If you change it to something misleading, the entire thread can easily become about that, as here. Use the original title unless it is misleading or linkbait, and if necessary find some representative language in the OP.

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