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This is soooo awesome. I started rewriting SageMathCloud to use RethinkDB when I learned in May about your plans to support high availability. I've been rewriting everything, doing tests (building from sources, then using the beta you kindly provided), and finally after months of work, I'm ready to release the new version of SageMathCloud last night, but RethinkDB 2.1 isn't out yet. So I'm torn about whether to go with 2.1beta and cross my fingers, or just wait, or what. And this! Thank you so much. RethinkDB is, for my use, the first database I've ever actually really loved (and React.js+flux the first web framework). Here's my client code in case anybody is curious: https://github.com/sagemathinc/smc/blob/rethinkdb/salvus/ret...


I used it because everything all data comes from JS apps and JSON->storing in Rethinkdb is incredibly easy. Plus hooking up changefeeds (event stream for whenever a table changes) has tons of usecases (analytics, IRC bots, etc).

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