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Uhhh what? "Added support for Jepsen tests" shouldn't mean "we sent Kyle a pull request"

That seems like deceptive marketing to me. Once the pull request is merged, then you can make that claim.

Here's the open PR for Jepsen: https://github.com/aphyr/jepsen/pull/70

I wrote that paragraph of the blog post, and I think I didn't phrase it correctly. What I meant to say is that we hacked Jepsen tests to support RethinkDB, and then ran the tests internally for months. I added that note late last night, definitely could have phrased it better.

We've been working with Kyle on this though, and I think he seemed happy to merge the PR (but he's pretty busy). Hopefully will happen soon, sorry for confusion.

EDIT: here is some context -- https://github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb/issues/1493#issuecomm....

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