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Why not throw the weight behind VP9? edit: I actually am curious, this isn't a question pointed at the validity of Thor. I just really want to see a great, open-source standard emerge and see people get behind it.

Apparently because they're innovating with Thor, according to[0] Daala people are experimenting with Thor tech (IETF 93 was a few weeks ago) and Daala tech is being experimented for Thor[1]

[0] https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/93/slides/slides-93-netvc-5...

[1] https://github.com/cisco/thor/pull/8

I'm no expert, but the article lists VP9 as "proprietary". Which I take to mean not open source, and potentially not free. Though the proprietariness could be a response to the issues they had with VP8 and suspected reactionary patenting.

VP9 is open source and royalty-free though. I'm confused.

And it's not just open source, it's BSD which is about as none restrictive as you can get. So now 1) Open Source 2) Royalty-free 3) Free as in beer 4) Free as in freedom (Open Source OSI certified BSD)

Software can now be call proprietary?

pro·pri·e·tar·y : of or relating to an owner or ownership.

So what is this guys saying. That now anything with a company behind is is proprietary? Linux has got LMI, so I guess that's proprietary, and firefox has got Mozilla. Libreoffice...by this guys twisted version of reality, what is not proprietary?

VPx reference software is open source. The article is not referring to the software but the specification which is developed and published by Google (a private company), as opposed to an open standards consortium like ISO, ITU or the IETF.

VP8 was published as an informational RFC under the IETF, but not as part of a standards track, see "Not All RFCs are Standards": https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1796

Parent has the right idea. One of the few valid criticisms of VP8 was that the code /was/ the standard, so you had to reverse engineer the encoder/decoder. This is not only a PITA but also prompts questions such as whether an obvious bug is part of the spec.

It also took a full year after Google bought the company behind VP8 to actually release the code. Someone from Firefox actually wrote an open letter to Google basically asking WTF was going on.

I don't have any first or even second hand knowledge of the current situation, but I suspect that Google has continued to ... not collaborate as much as everyone else would like.

(Caveat emptor: the above is based off of memory of events that took place a few years ago.)

Is Google also contributing to the NetVC effort?

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