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I admire Larry Lessig's ideals and motivations, but I feel like he consistently undermines his own efforts because of the small problem that he doesn't understand how American politics actually works and seems to have no desire to learn.

That's nothing: he's a law professor at Harvard who doesn't seem to understand how American law works. He was genuinely surprised by the Eldred verdict, and his proposals consistently display little understanding of (or regard for) the First Amendment.

EDIT: http://www.legalaffairs.org/issues/March-April-2004/story_le...

That might be the dumbest thing I've ever read on HN.

Are you aware that Larry Lessig was Eldred's lead counsel, and argued the case before the Supreme Court?

Are you aware that he was arguing in support of the First Amendment in that case, and his opponents were arguing against it?

Are you aware that Lessig lost that case? Why don't you read that link I provided? Doesn't Lessig seem to agree with me when he notes, "I had let a view of the law that I liked interfere with my view of the law as it is."

His attacks on Citizens United are just another example of this. A pragmatic legal mind would see that there is nothing corrupt about a couple of amateur filmmakers making and advertising an amateur film about a politician. A creative legal mind would find a way to fight corruption without fighting the First Amendment rights of amateur filmmakers.

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