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Depressing. The whole project basically ensures he won't be elected (who wants to vote for a President who will not rule?), he's just looking for some quick exposure.

It would have been more intellectually honest to do what Jeremy Corbyn has done in the UK: running wholeheartedly, albeit assuming he won't be elected, just to inject a range of ideas in the debate.

It's not about quick exposure - he's written about this idea in "republic lost" - it's an intellectually honest attempt to fix the corrupting influence of campaign financing not being dependent on the people alone. Currently politicians are dependent on the funders and the funders are not the people.

You would effectively be voting for two Presidents at once, since you'd be voting for his VP as part of the package, and it's guaranteed (unless they resign or die first) that the VP will become President once the first one quits.

So, what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are doing?

Elizabeth Warren isn't running for president, and you are assuming that Sanders doesn't believe he will win. Why do you assume such a thing?

Corbyn has the advantage of having extremely weak competition, whereas Clinton and Sanders are actually mildly personable.

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