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What if one likes the ideas (possibly?), but isn't a Democrat?

Makes it difficult when one doesn't like the VP.

Give him his 2 minutes to pitch his idea. The thought is that no matter what your political ideals are, you're better off fixing voting reform first. Whatever issues you care about, you can't actually properly vote them into place. Pick your political goal - whatever it is - it can't effectively be voted upon right now unless you have significant cash.

Your primary issue right now as a US voter (Lessig says), be you Republican, Democrat, or anything else, is actually voting reform. Fix that and then you can go back to voting - and this time effectively. It shouldn't matter what other political issues drive you - you can't get any until you fix how voting itself works.

So what you're saying is that Lessig's candidacy is like regular expressions.

If a Republican's primary problem is voting reform, and the way he goes about fixing that problem is to ensure that a solid Democrat gets elected president ... well, now he's got two problems.

Except it's delayed in action - there are already other threads running that'll still be running by the time the expression completes. So it's okay if you've got zombie threads running until the entire process is upgraded. It gives you time to initialize a clean object before its effective.

You won't get immediate (2-4) year change to effectiveness. But during the subsequent election cycles you will. So it'll take at least 6 years following the passing of the act to upgrade the process entirely.

Probably not politically feasible, but could help if he picks someone as politically neutral as possible.

> It shouldn't matter what other political issues drive you...

But that's the problem; it does matter.

I think you would need to take a longer view than the remainder of the term that is filled out by the VP, and remember also that you will still vote for your representatives however you wish.

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