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While I admit that I didn't read the whole post (to me it was a wall of text full of complaints going around the same point, always saying the same without too much variation), I really don't get this obsession with reverse engineering. Yes, their license agreement states that it can't be done. But you deploy code, executable code, but still code. Code that people can understand, if they go through the process of analyzing it.

While I don't endorse breaking the agreement (which was properly signed and "celebrated", as lawyers say), I find it funny in the first place that they're selling a glass container and say "you can't look into it, just use it".

I prefer the honesty of free software/open source projects that sell customer support to this business model (which is also adopted by others, not just Oracle). However, if I were already bound to it, and couldn't pay the cost of migration, I understand I'd have to stick with it.

It's also amusing that people/organizations seriously believe they can reverse engineer something as complex as a database engine and "fix it" without acces to the diagramas, docs, tests, source code, build environment, etc.

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