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The first thing that went through my mind (with some additional work, and all that is needed is illustrations and a publisher..):

A is for Asynchronous, the way our code should be

B is for Beta, the first stage of our code the user will see

C is for Capacity, for this planning helps our hardware not fail,

planning capacity helps our product meet our users at scale


D is for Datagram, which you may not get from me

E is for E-tag, for caching is key

F is for Freedom, the state information wants to achieve,

follow information through history if you want to believe


G is for Google, the advertising and indexing whale

H is for Hystrix, because Netflix Tools are for scale

I is for the Internet, for without it, many start-ups would fail

I is also for iPhone who's apparently in jail


J is for Javascript, with a new frameworks each week

K is for Kill, because scripts can misbehave and memory can leak

L is for LifeSize, for meetings about meetings must be

M is for Metadata, because tracking in bulk is (mumble, mumble, something, something), look! "privacy!"


N is for NoSQL, for relational data is dead

O is for Octocat, who houses our code so it is not in our head

P is for a Penguin named tux

Q is for Quiet, lost to the the tide of the open office flux


R is for Rabbit, because some problems require a Queue

S is for Secure, for we have our our user's data to lose

T is for the terminal, for how else can we see ascii Star Wars

U is for UTF-8, who's lack of handling makes bugs in our source


V is for Vitesse, never has mysql DBs been so easy to scale

W is for the 5 Whys, that guides us in post-motems when we fail

X is for Executable, which chmod can help our script to be

Y is for YCombinator, for many a start up, encubators are key


And Z is for Zsh, not your ordinary shell

These are the letters, remember them well

These are the letters, from A to Z

These are the letters, next time will you please say them with me?

[edit: format, typo]

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