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I can understand the argument that I shouldn't be upset with my cat because he claws my feet under a blanket; it's his natural instinct.

I can't understand the argument that I shouldn't be upset with a human being because they're stupid, and make stupid decisions. Humans are capable of introspection, education, and change.

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect more of my fellow humans than of my cat.

But I guess I won't be mad at you.

It is totally fine to be frustrated by humans being stupid, but some humans really do have less cognitive abilities than others. In at least some of those cases it isn't their fault necessarily.

So, I'm just making the point that frustration makes sense, but hate probably doesn't. They certainly aren't intending to be stupid, but it is frustrating that we can't show them the error of their reasoning sometimes.

Refusal to introspect is not a lack of cognitive ability, it is a choice that is appropriate to shame.

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