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I thought using Oracle anything was like a doctor prescribing an expensive new drug instead of the trusted, tested and generic version for a free game of golf and lunch for the office.

I really only have experience with the RDBMS product but I'd say it's more like the doctor presribing an expensive but highly effective drug for which there is no generic that is quite as good.

Oracle's database is very good. If you really need it, there is no substitute. But that said, kind of like a F1 race car, you probably don't need it (unless you own an F1 race team).

> If you really need it, there is no substitute.

It is worth checking if this is the case.

e.g. at my workplace, we're going through an Oracle->Postgres migration and it's WONDERFUL. Everything is much better now. Just from being able to have a clustered PG pair per app instead of a centralised expensive monster box.

Oracle's database is very good indeed: it takes data in, it gives it back, it does so very efficiently. But everything else about it is enough reason to look elsewhere.

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