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Love how fast HN'rs mirror articles ^_^

That is the web archive. It has nothing to do with HN.

Actually it would be quite interesting to read about how the Web Archive accomplishes things like this.. Do they regularly scan news sites for new articles?

There is a self-archive tool on archive.org that allows anyone to immediately archive a specific page of interest. Journalists and watchdogs use it on pages they feel might disappear. It can be considered more legitimate that a screen capture, as archive.org is a third-party. Someone might have used that here.

You can also request that the Web Archive fetch a URL from their homepage: https://archive.org/web/ ("Save Page Now" in the bottom right). I triggered the 7:09 copy this way; whether or not the other four fetches yesterday were also manual, I don't know.

I know if there's a controversial post that gets a lot of visibility, the IA staff takes a snapshot. They're useful in times like this where content is edited or deleted.

I know they check more frequently news websites. Maybe in this case they just used RSS.

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