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And slowly, freedom everywhere was destroyed in the name of security.

Firefox is open source. Disabling the signature check will probably be a one-line change. Yes, it's a much larger barrier to entry (building Firefox is not trivial), but it's not like IE or Chrome where you have no choice in the matter at all.

building Firefox is not trivial

./mach bootstrap

./mach build

Yeah? You at the very least forgot to obtain the source code first somehow. What about build-dependencies, because ./mach bootstrap does not fully handle that?

Now please tell me how to do a Windows release-build with all release features enabled (except for official branding), aka. a ton of configure switches, and also please do it for my language using the official de locale, because neither the source tar.bz2 nor the hg you'd normally clone contains that. I'm starting from scratch of course. And suddenly it is less easy and trivial..

As the link mentions, you don't need to build from source. Binary builds are provided that do not have this restriction, for those that want that.

^ This.

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