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Is it just me, or is the childish, mocking tone in the OP simultaneously baffling and totally befitting of the point they're trying to make? I understand that they're frustrated by the repeated submission of automated security vulnerability reports, but blanketing it entirely as "reverse engineering" and responding to it like this is... a strange approach.

Did someone at Oracle actually think that this was the best way to make this point?

The previous post on the blog has a similar tone too https://blogs.oracle.com/maryanndavidson/entry/is_your_shell...

The formatting in that post is... interesting.

I'd blame the CMS before the author on that point though.

In my opinion she is being paid for propaganda in support of Oracle. By that I mean the message is not beneficial to the whole population of Oracle Users, but only to Oracle Corporate.

Yeah, it's very poorly written. I always cringe when some exec thinks "oh, it's just a blog so I don't have to write with the same professionalism and attention to detail that I would in other corporate communications".

Well, it's not even 'just a blog', it's a blog hosted by oracle.com about the author's employment at same. The standard of professionalism should be higher given the direct link, methinks. If it were a personal blog on a personal topic, it wouldn't matter as much.

I think if recent history is any guide, a C-level who claims "you can't hold me accountable for stupid shit I say on my personal blog" isn't going to be one much longer.

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