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> Here are a few reasons why the design industry is having trouble giving up the hamburger menu:

list of reasons people are doing dumb thing, mostly blaming the people

Can we be honest here for a second? The reason people are still using hamburger menus is because people have to make things work for phones. Phones with screens that are vastly smaller than the screens on even the smallest laptop, even for people who are hauling around the biggest phablets they can find. And people with phones want to visit the same websites they visit on their computers and there just... isn't... room. The hamburger menu gives you close to double the space to work with, from a UI point of view.

The alternatives presented are partial solutions. It may well be true that more people are reaching for the hamburger menu than truly need it. But the tab bar example from the article only scales up so far before it stops being a valid solution. And I don't know if there is a really good answer that doesn't involve rewriting the web from the ground up.

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