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Not much else to add. Presume a larger, smarter, better funded team is working stealthily in another office somewhere to kick our ass... anything else is complacency. Worse, following that path, leads to hubris at some juncture: excuses rationalizing cutting the wrong corners or shortchanging the customer that could prove fatal in a game of inches in the marketplace. There are at least a quadrillion ways to fail, and 99.997% of them will be my doing. Rational paranoia is healthy, because your product/service needs to be so well-regarded by people other than the team or supporters that it demoralizes potential adversaries that they don't want to compete. Even then, it still may not be currently as good in other key areas of focus as a competitors.

(Btw, the Thiel view of not picking fights you can't dominate and Buffett's sticking to defensible business models is a good mindset to calibrate a venture's success per risk gut perception. And with timing, team and execution you might just make something that hits.)

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