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The desktop Firefox has one of these. It's been quite unintuitive. It contains some commands depicted by icons, which constitute an overlapping set of the functionality under the regular F)ile menu, like "New Window", "New Private Window", "Print" and whatnot. But there are commands that appear in other menus: the monkey wrench Developer icon appears to have similar content to "Tools/Web Developer".

I think what we are supposed to understand is that this Firefox Hamburger Menu (FHM) is really a TOA: Toolbar Overflow Area. It's a repository of icons for doing arbitrary things.

Its Customize button at the bottom invokes exactly the same UI as View/Toolbars/Customize: a big view where you can move icons between an editable version of the FHM, the browser toolbar, and a repository of available tools (shown in the main pane as a large area).

So any item that can be on your toolbar can go into FHM, including bookmarks. Hence: TOA: toobar overflow area for items you don't use much.

It would be better if they initialized it empty, and if it somehow clearly communicated "Hey, I am a toolbar overflow area: put stuff here that would go on the toolbar that you don't need so much, when you don't have space on the toolbar."

This is what I use it for. When I do mobile bootstrap I'll always have something else in navs besides the hamburger, and treat it as overflow.

A hamburger on its own is, like the article says, dead weight with no meaning. If its on a bar with a bunch of other nav options and you feel like the one you want is missing you often use it.

If I ever get around to it I'll hack up the bootstrap code and make it tab based (icon + text underneath) but that seems like a PITA with how bootstrap does its layouts in nav bars from my paltry experience.

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