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Is it really necessary to use a host that requires JavaScript to display an image?

Anyway, I've confirmed this. I've disabled web search and all of the other privacy options I've seen with Windows 10 during and after install. As soon as the first character is typed into the Windows 10 search box, the request goes out to www.bing.com. It doesn't say what you searched for (as the request happens before you complete the search), but it does send a lot of info to Microsoft about your platform, including a unique identifier.

Yea i don't like this image hosting service either. I'm on some bad wifi atm and it actually froze my UI for a minute.

I don't know what client you're using, but the UI freeze might have been because of the client-side decryption of the image data.

The decryption is done in a web worker, not the UI thread. That shouldn't be the cause.

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