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Sounds like Google is turning into Umbrella Corporation: http://umbrellacorporation.jp/aboutus.html

Life sciences, life extension, military, information, telecommunications all under one umbrella company.

Clicking around the website, this is most likely not an actual company but a spoof of the evil conglomerate from the Resident Evil games/films: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Resident_Evil_characte...

It is indeed. That was my point. It's difficult to discern megacorporations from their dystopian film counterparts now.

The only difference beteween evil dystopian sci-fi megacorporations and successful life-enhancing megacorporations is that the former are doing it wrong.

And you don't see the latter too often in sci-fi these days; I blame the fashion of the time. ;)

Good points :)

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