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And yet, you posed this on the internet, sharing your IP & MAC addresses with several companies.

I'll take one for the team here, I think it's important that people know about this and a one-off disclosure of these details is no big deal for me. However, a repeated one, sent with a unique identifier, from any location I bring my machine is more concerning and I know there are people with even greater privacy concerns than myself who will want to know this.

Utilitarianism - OP may have decided that the small amount of damage he's garnered from an IP + MAC leak (both of which are somewhat easily obtainable) was worth informing thousands of people that Microsoft is acting this way.

How is he sharing his MAC address with any companies that are outside his network segment?

So sharing things on the network segment is OK?

And? He could be running Tails with a spoofed MAC and bouncing through TOR while sitting in a coffee shop 100 miles from home.

There's privacy-conscious, and then there's paranoid.

Even worst, he is alive, and he had to share his name with the local authorities when he was born

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